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Help Strengthen the Aquatic Invasive Species Transport Law and Protect Clean Water in the Adirondacks!

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Aquatic invasive species disrupt the natural balance of our Adirondack waters. Invasive species degrade water quality, threaten public health, and negatively impact the economies of Adirondack communities that rely on tourism and outdoor recreation.

Currently, the New York State Aquatic Invasive Species Transport Law only requires boat operators to take “reasonable precautions” prior to launching a motorboat in public waters. But this voluntary inspection model leaves Adirondack waters vulnerable to further invasive species spread.

We have an opportunity this year to strengthen the aquatic invasive species transport law by requiring boat inspections in the Adirondack Park.

Please email legislative leaders by April 15 and urge them to strengthen the Aquatic Invasive Species Transport Law this year.

Thank you!