Facts About Lake Placid

Lake Placid fills a natural geologic basin draining the McKenzie Mountains to the west, Whiteface Mountain to the north and Mount Whitney to the east. The lake is divided into two lobes, “East Lake” and “West Lake,” by a peninsula at the lake’s southern end and three islands—Buck, Moose and Hawk. Sunset and Shelter Straits separate the peninsula from Buck Island and Buck from Moose, respectively. The natural water level of Lake Placid is increased about six feet by a concrete spillway feeding Outlet Brook at southern end of West Lake. Two smaller outlets on East Lake also eventually flow into Outlet Brook.

Elevation: 1,858 feet
Area: 2,173 acres
Length: ~4 miles
Width: ~1.5 miles
Maximum Depth: 151 feet

Lake Placid - Map of Lake