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Boating on Lake Placid

Boating has long been an indispensable part of life on Lake Placid, though the fiberglass runabouts, competition ski boats and other watercraft of today bear little resemblance to the rowboats, canoes and St. Lawrence skiffs of the 19th century. No roads go completely around Lake Placid, and many properties and camps can only be reached by water. Thus, boats have become a favorite, and perhaps the best, way to experience Lake Placid’s beauty.

Rules to Follow on the Lake

  • You are responsible for your wake and the potential damage it may cause.
  • The best way to know if you are moving at a "No Wake" speed is to simply look behind your boat.
  • Be courteous - Slow down for non-powered boats and smaller boats.

Public Boat Launch

Be sure to use the Wash Station at the boat ramp to clean your boat prior to launch and prevent the spread of invasive species!

There is a no-cost public boat launch, with first-come, first-serve parking for 25 cars and trailers. It is located off route 86 in the village of Lake Placid on Mirror Lake Drive. Make sure to follow the guidelines of the Invasive Species Prevention Program to keep the lake pristine and protected from invasive species. The LPSOA operates a portable boat wash for public use, so do your part to keep the lake free of invasive species.

Boater Safety Requirements

With such a variety of users on the lake, the LPSOA undertakes efforts to ensure safe and enjoyable boating for everyone. This includes encouraging boater safety education and supporting legislation to ensure the safe operation of watercraft through license requirements, speed regulations and other measures.

Power boats
  • One (1) life preserver/PFD of proper size for each person on board
  • Distress Flag*, Throwable Device*, Whistle or Horn, Anchor and Line, (3) Handheld Flares*.
  • Navigation lights for night operation and fog.
  • Children under 12 required to wear life preserver/PFD while underway.
Boats 16’ to less than 26’
  • B-1 Fire Extinguisher*.
Boats 26’ to less than 40’
  • (2) B-1* or 1 B-11 Fire Extinguisher*
  • Operators under 10 years old must be under direct supervision of person at least 18 years old.
  • Operators from 10 to 17 years old, as above or with approved boating safety certificate.
Non-Powered boats
  • One (1) life preserver/PFD* of proper size for each person on board
  • Handheld Flares* and Lights for night operation only.

USCG Approved where Required (*)

Boat Sales, Service, Maintenance and Repairs

Keeping your boat in safe working order is also crucial to boating safety on the lake. For example, it is extremely unsafe to operate a boat at night without working lights. Sometimes things happen, however, and your lights may malfunction. Always keep a backup light source, like a flashlight or headlamp, in your boat for emergencies, and be sure to change the batteries every year.

Don't hesitate to have essential repairs done. The safety of every lake user is all of our responsibility, and the contacts listed below are trusted local sources for your boat repair needs.

Jim Forsyth

On call on Lake Placid 24/7 for repair and maintenance


For your wooden boat needs from minor repairs to major restorations

Fogarty's Lake Flower Marina

Sales, Water Sports Equipment and Service

TLC Restorations | Todd Rissberger

Wooden boat services and consultations, gauge and instrument repair

Spencer Boat Works | Jay Annis

Boat building, restorations, maintenance, storage and repair

Meister Marine Services

Marine Service and Repair

Marina Services

Two marinas currently operate on Lake Placid: one in East Lake’s Southern end at Lake Placid Marina, and one in Paradox Bay.

Lake Placid Marina

The Lake Placid Marina rents slips and sells fuel. It is the only place on the lake to purchase fuel.

Paradox Bay

Paradox Bay has slips available for rent or lease. There are no day slips and no fueling or other services available.