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Letter from David Bumsted, LPSOA President

Dear Fellow Shore Owners:

I am writing to provide an update on issues and events important to our Members. This information is being sent to you instead of the usual Spring/Summer Newsletter.

For information on the Annual Meeting, including the three important documents listed below, please go to the Annual Meeting Info page.

  • Invitation to our 127th Annual Meeting
  • Proxy Form for the Annual Meeting
  • 2020 Dues Notice

127th Annual Meeting, July 25th – We are going virtual!

We have decided to have our Annual Meeting virtually using Zoom technology. As many of you know, New York State currently limits large gatherings of people. This can change between now and July 25th, but in the interest of the health and safety of our Members, we have decided to move forward with a virtual Annual Meeting using Zoom technology. Please join us via computer, tablet or smartphone as we present our recent work and future plans, elect Board members, and answer your questions. Please submit any questions and concerns you may have by July 22nd to: [email protected]. For information about joining the Zoom meeting, please go to our Annual Meeting Info page.

Zoom instructions will be posted on our website for those of you who may not be familiar with the technology. There will also be an option to attend the meeting by phone.

I should add that conducting an annual meeting virtually is generally not allowed in New York. This restriction on virtual meetings is currently suspended and we expect that suspension to continue through July to allow us to proceed with our virtual meeting plans. If this changes, I will let you know.

Whether or not you can attend the Zoom meeting, please complete and return the enclosed Proxy Form no later than July 22nd so that your vote can be counted. You may return the Proxy Form electronically or by mail.

2020 Dues

SOA Bylaws require that members pay their dues prior to the Annual Meeting to be eligible to vote. Please be sure to send your dues so that we receive them before July 25th. You may pay by mail or on our Pay Dues page.

Staying in Touch

Given these unusual times, it is more important than ever that we stay in touch. We want to hear from you and to communicate with you quickly and efficiently. If you did not receive this letter by email as well as by mail, please let us know by sending a quick message to: [email protected].

Invasive Species

The Winter 2019 Newsletter highlights our ongoing battle against invasive species. Our divers harvest significantly more Milfoil each year. Thanks to you, we are able to increase their efforts this summer. They will harvest Milfoil one week in June and two weeks in August. With this additional work we hope to better control the outbreak of Milfoil, and to better understand why there has been a sharp increase of infestation since 2017. We have contracted with the Adirondack Watershed Institute at Paul Smiths to guarantee that lake stewards are on duty seven days-a-week at the DEC launch, Village launch and Decontamination Station from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Please take a moment this summer to engage with a steward to learn more about what they are doing and to express our appreciation of their efforts.

Thanks to your generosity, we raised $60,241 in 94 gifts to the Invasive Species Fund in 2019. Through May 31. 2020 we have raised $12,590 from 18 gifts. This level of giving is more than twice the amount we raised in the first five months of 2019. Our planned expenditures for these programs in 2020 are approximately $63,000. Thank you for your donations. We cannot do it without you.

You can donate by:

Lake Management Plan

Our first Lake Management Plan in 20 years is well underway. This comprehensive study of the ecological state of the Lake will assist us and others in prioritizing activities to protect the Lake. You will soon receive a survey from us that will assist in the data collection phase. Please help by completing the survey. Your input will provide important data to complete the study. We expect the Plan to be ready by next Summer.

New Septic Law and Pump Out

To better protect the Lake from exposure to excess nutrients and pollutants, the Town of North Elba passed the “Lake Placid Lake Septic System Inspection Law” in 2018. The law requires that all septic systems proximate to the Lake be inspected if there is reasonable cause to believe that a septic system is not functioning properly; or when the property upon which the septic system is located is conveyed to a new owner; and in any event every five years. Through our Annual Pump-out Program, the SOA organizes and pays for a barge to reach lake access only camps, making it easy for Members to maintain their septic systems at a greatly reduced price. The Pump Out usually takes place in early August. The dates for this summer will be posted to our website when they are confirmed. Please reach out to Lendy Barnard ([email protected]) to put your camp on the list of those to be pumped out.

New Boating Certification Requirement

New York State law requires that all operators of motorized boats take a one-time eight-hour safety course and carry a New York boater card. The phase-in-by-age law requires a new age group pass the test each year. This year all operators of motorized boats born after 1993 must have boater safety certification. By January 1, 2025, all boat operators must have certification. We are planning to host the Safe Boating Course, but dates for the course have not yet been set.

2020 SOA Booklet

Finally, Kathy Trainor, Georgia Jones and Kristin Parker have done a tremendous job updating our SOA Booklet from the 2000 edition. We plan to have it published and distributed in a few weeks before our Annual Meeting.

I look forward to seeing you on Zoom on July 25th, and in person over the summer on the Lake.

David Bumsted

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